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What is the Best Golf Ball?

Many people ask this question, but there is no standard answer that fits every person. The best ball for Tiger Woods is probably not the best ball for you, unless you swing your driver 130 mph! Being honest about your game, your deficiencies and your needs will help you pick the best golf ball for your game.

Picking the right golf ball can be a perplexing task. Most recreational golfers don't spend time researching all the latest in golf ball technology, so when they see all the different balls they can buy, it usually turns into one of three things: a popularity contest (which brand have I heard the most about), a purely financial decision (how much money do I have in my pocket) or feature fest (which ball touts the features I'm looking for - long and straight).

Of course, if you are reading this, you want to cut through some of the confusion and find the right golf ball for you. Here is a short golf ball primer:

Dimples - all golf golf balls have dimples. The number of dimples doesn't seem to matter as much as the size and depth of the dimples. Most golf ball manufacturers are putting the best configuration of dimples on the balls based upon what kind of performence you need. So, forget about usuing dimples as a selling point.

One-piece, two-pice or three-piece construction. This is perhaps the most important aspect of how the ball will perform. As a general rule of thumb, one and two-piece balls are hard and go the farthest. They sacrifice spin and feel in order to ge that extra distance. Three-piece designs are generally more expensive and are designed for more advanced players who want more spin and feel rather than raw distance.

Golf ball covering - all golf balls have a special covering. Each cover is designed for a specific purpose. Surlyn covering is the most popular among recreational golfers since it is extremely durable. You can play with a surlyn covered golf ball for several rounds (assuming you don't lose it in the woods or a pond!) without seeing much wear on the ball. More expensive balls developed for skilled players are usually made out of urethane and are quite a bit softer. The softness gives added feel and spin that better players desire.

Many golfers think that if they can afford to play an advanced ball like the Titleist ProV1, then that is the best ball for them. After all, if most pros use Pro V1's they are the best, right?

The problem with that reasoning is that most amateurs don't have the swing speeds and swing styles of pros to take advantage of the features. If you are a high handicapper who has trouble with hitting the ball far enough and who usually slices the ball (that describes 80% of recreational golfers), the last thing you need is a ball with more spin. A harder ball will travel further and have less spin, so it won't go as far off line with your slice spin. Such a ball will also hold up much better through mis-hits and wayward shots that land on rocks or cart paths. You won't be able to spin your wedge back 20 feet with a hard ball, but chances are you can't do that even with a spinny ball. So just focus on getting the ball on the fairway and onto the green.

If you are a high handicapper who's been using a soft, 3 piece ball, switching to a harder 2 piece ball has the potential to lower your score by 2-4 strokes per round (seriously).

On the other hand, if you are a better player who likes the feel of a softer ball and knows how to control spin on wedge shots and chips around the green, the 3 piece urethane balls can relly give you an edge. Especially with the new V-groove rule going into effect in 2010, a softer ball will give you more control and spin.

The final consideration is price. New golf balls are really expensive, and buying them at your local pro shop is absolutely insane. You can get most brands new online for 25% less than you'd pay at a golf pro shop.

But the real savings comes when you buy recycled golf balls. There are companies that specialize in reselling used golf balls. The nice thing is that they have them graded into different quality categories. So you can get medium quality balls that you use for practice and higher qulaity balls that you use for a round. See our complete section on used golf balls.

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