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Golf Hybrid Reviews

The Best New Hybrid Golf Clubs for 2009

Hybrid golf clubs have been stroming the golf scene for the last several years. Everyone understand that these are not just the latest fad. Hybrids are a serious improvement that help average and advanced players hit long iron shots with greater ease and accuracy.

Hybrid golf clubs were originally designed to replace the long irons - whether a 2-iron, 3-iron or 4-iron. These long clubs are harder for amateurs to hit well, and hybrids make it a much more accesible shot.

Hybrids were originally a wood head on an iron shaft. More recent improvements in hybrid design have produced a number of innovative clubhead shapes and shaft configurations. Even pros are ditching their 2-irons in favor of the easier-to-hit hybrids. Clubmakers are also now producing entire full iron sets as a progressively matched set of hybrid irons. These sets are more hybrid like in the long irons and more iron-like in the shorter irons.

Many golfers are now carrying at least one hybrid to replace their long irons. You will need to deterine if you will be better off carrying a 3 hyrid or a 5 wood, or a 4 hybrid or a 7 wood. If you have trouble hitting the 3 wood off the deck, some manufacturers are now making 4 woods to use as the second strongest club in your bag. Golfers with slower swing speeds or who have trouble launching a 3 wood into the air find they hit the 4 wood even farther than a comparable 3 wood.

We offer reviews on several models of hybrid clubs that will help you to play your best golf and enjoy the game of golf more than ever.

Hybrid Golf Club Reviews

Ping G10 hybrids

Callaway FT hybrids

Cleveland Launcher hybrids

Titleist 909H hybrids

Ping Rapture V2 hybrids

Cobra Baffler TWS/Pro hybrids

Nickent 3DX RC hybrids

Tour Edge Exotics XCG-V hybrids

Innovative Hybrid Club Reviews

TaylorMade Burner Rescue hybrids

Bobby Jones Workshop Edition hybrids

Adams Idea Tech A4 hybrids

Adams Idea Tech A4OS hybrids

Adams Idea Pro Gold hybrids

Mizuno MX-700 hybrids

Callaway Big Bertha Diablo hybrids


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