Golf Scorecards

Custom printable Golf Scorecards from your computer

Our new gold scorecard service allows you to view and/or customize a golf scorecard for your favorite golf course.

Playing golf is about keeping scores, and in golf we use scorecards to record our strokes. Each course has its own scorecard, and you usually have to visit the course to get a scorecard.

At Golferocity we are making it possible for golfers to view and print golf scorecards from their favorite local golf courses. We are in the process of adding courses on a weekly basis, so if you don't find a scorecard yet available for your course, send us an email for instructions on how to get it included. The service is free.

Print Golf Scorecards Before You Play

One way to use our free golf scorecard service is to print out a standard scorecard for your local course ahead of time. Use it to map out a strategy for how you plan to play each hole.

Another way to use the online scorecard service is to print out a cusotmized scorecard with each of the players names in your group already filled in. An optional bonus is that you can enter each player's handicap, indicate which tees you will be playing, and the software will print out a custom scorecard indicating on each hole how many extra strokes each player receives on that particular hole.

This can be very useful since some golfers erronesously think that a 6 handicapper always gets 6 extra strokes per round and that a 12 handicapper always gets twelve extra strokes. The reality is that a player may receive more or less strokes on any given course depending upon the slope and rating of the tees being played.

Our sophisticated software uses the golfer's handicap along with the slope and course rating for the tees being played to make the USGA adjustments. These adjustments are clearly printed on your customized scorecard. In each player's row, there are tick marks in each hole's box indicating the numbe of extra strokes the player receives for that hole.

Print Custom Scorecards after You've Played a Round

Another common use of our custom golf scorecard service is to print a golf scorecard after you have played a round of golf. You can just enter your own scores or you can enter the scores for each player in your group. Our proprietary software will print out a customized scorecard with optional markings - birdies circled, bogies boxed, etc. You can also choose to have birdies, pars, bogies and others printed in different colors according to your own preference.

Use our service to record a memorable round of golf, or simply to keep in a file to track your progress. As a bonus, you can also sign p for our free score tracking service and have the scores you enter saved into your score tracker account. This makes it easy to maintain a running record of your progress on the course and can even allow you to maintain a mock handicap that is calculated the exact same way as a USGA golf handicap (if you want an official handicap, you must do it through a local club as per USGA rules. Most recreational golfers would like to know what their nadicap is, but don't have a need or desire to maintain an official one with a club. Our online golf score tracker will help you with that.

More Scorecard Customization Coming

We are currently working on adding many new features to our customizable golf scorecard service. For example, we will soon give you the option to print an individualized scorecard that has extra spaces to help you keep track of individual stats. Standard stats like how many putts, greens in regulation and fairways hit are fairly easy. But having extra spaces with other categories of your choosing can help you remember to record those other statisitcs, which could help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your game. Using this information to fine tune your practice sessions will lead to more consistent scoring and more fun playing golf.

With the growing affordability of personal golf GPS units which can tell you exactly how far you hit your drive and your approach shots, you can now track a lot more stats. Analyzing how far you really hit your irons on the course over several rounds can help you make better decisions on club selection in future rounds. Most amateurs over-estimate how far they hit a club (or remember the ONE time they hit that 8 iron 150 yards, etc) and therfore usually underclub their approach shots. Using our custom scorecards, you can now track all that infomarmation and should have no excuse.

Custom Scorecards Availalbe by State

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