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Golf Wedge Reviews

The Best New Golf Wedges for 2009

Wedges are the true scoring irons of better golfers. If you are a mid-handicapper looking ot improve your game, some new precision wedges may be the best place to start.

Most recreational golfers play with a set of irons that has a standard, matching Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge included. While this works fines, better golfers realize that precision and accuracy are paramount for the wedge game. That's why better players usually carry a variety of specialty wedges in their bag.

If your golf set has a standard 46 degree pitching wedge and a 56 degree sand wedge, the logical place to start adding a specialized wedge is by getting a 50-52 degree A-wedge, also called a gap wedge. If you already carry those trhee wedges, you may want to consider a 60 degree lob wedge.

High-end specialty wedges are designed with player features, such as forged steel, precision-milled grooves, muscle-back styling, little or no clubface offset and a variety of bounces and/or sole grinds.

These wedges, when used in the proper hands, are deadly accurate and when hit flush on a full swing, help impart that tour-like spin on the green. These wedges are designed for the better player, but anyone starting at a mid-handicap level who wants to improve their short game can learn to use them effectively to lower their scores.

We offer reviews on several models of wedges that will help you to play and enjoy the game of golf more than ever.

Golf Wedge Reviews

Titleist Vokey Design Spin Milled wedges

Callaway X-Forged wedges

Cleveland CG12 wedges

Cleveland CG12 DSG wedges

Cleveland CG14 wedges

Ping Tour-W wedges

Nike VR Forged wedges

Mizuno MP-T wedges

TaylorMade Z TP wedges

Adams Puglielli 418 Tour wedges

Bobby Jones Pelz wedges


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