GPS Golf RangeFinders over $400

The Most Popular Golf GPS Units over $400

If you are looking for an advanced, top-of-the-line golf GPS device that not only shows your yardage and calculates how far you hit the ball but also has a color display and advanced shot tracking features, this is the price range you will find it in. Golf GPS units at this price have all the advanced features better golfers are looking for. Several have easy-to-use touchscreen displays. All the models in this price range show full color hole map layout and some even offer an aerial flyover of the hole before you play it. This can especially be helpful on a new course you are playin g for the first time. if you want the latest technology and all the bells and whistles in you golf GPS rangefinder, you will find it all in the units priced in the over $400 range.

  Golf Buddy Tour GPS RangeFinder

Golf Buddy Tour GPS RangeFinder Review

Best prices:

$429.99 from Golfsmith

  OnPar TouchScreen Golf GPS

OnPar TouchScreen Golf GPS Review

Best prices:

$449 from Rock Bottom Golf $479.95 from In the Hole Golf

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