Golferocity Overview

Golferocity is an All-inclusive Golf website for the golf-junkie

Many features coming soon for the seasoned pro and the golf beginner.

Our ambition when creating and designing Golferocity was to have the most complete and diverse golf site on the web. This site is meant for YOU, the golfer. We want to cover topics and categories that matter to you rather than simply feeding you our agenda.

Be sure to let us know the types of golf content you'd like to see, whether it is golf services, golf instruction, golf club reviews, golfing vacation advice or golf tee times.

Custom Golf Scorecard Service

Print or view custom scorecards from your favorite golf course

Our new software makes it possible to view and print standard or customized scorecards for your favorite course. We are adding courses daily, so if we don't have your course listed, email us a scan of the scorecard and we can usually have it prepared within 24 hours.

You can print a scorecard personalized with names of each member in your party. If each player has a handicap, you can even print cards that show which holes each player gets extra strokes on (based upon handicap, slope and course rating).

Alternatively, you can also use our software to print out a scorecard of a completed round by entering the scores of each of the players. Optionally, you can save the information and use it to track your scores and progress through a season. Our golf scorecard and golf score tracker software is completely free to use! Be sure to tell all your golfing buddies about it.

Golf Instruction for Every Skill Level

Short instructional series focuses on a variety of necessary skills

Each level of golf has its own challenges. Your own individual needs may also be different than another golfer of similar skill level. That's why we have developed the Golf Skillset Series. You can pick and choose what your needs are and work on a focused set of drills and workouts to raise your skill level in that tightly focused area.

Breaking down the game into manageable chunks allows you to continue to play recreational or competitive golf without adversely affecting other parts of your game. A self assessment at the end of each module helps you to decide what area of improvement you'd like to work on next.

Complete Golf Swing Overhaul

Some people have built in so many bad habits that it can be best to simply start over and build your golf swing from the ground up. The problem is that old habits are hard to break and it will require a lot of repetition and patience to go through this process. Additionally, your golf game may suffer in the meantime from not so good scores.

If you have a bad swing, but love the game and have a real desire to play your best, and have the time and patience to commit to a complete swing change, we have the tools for you.

Senior Golfer Instruction

I live in a retirement community, and each year I meet a new crop of retirees who would like to play golf during the golden years of their retirement. Many have had little or no golf instruction and often get frustrated with the game.

Golf is a great game that can be played well in to your 80's and even 90s. The key is to understand that you may have to swing the club a little differently to allow for compensations due to limited flexibility, arthritis and lack of flexibility.

Look for our section on Senior Golf Instruction coming soon.

Golf for Juniors

Do you have a child interested in playing golf? Many parents find themselves with kids who want to play golf, but the parents aren't sure how to proceed. SHould you teach them yourself? Should you hire a private instructor? Are there group lessons or leagues available for your child locally? These are all great questions. In our Junior golf section we will help you decide the best route to proceed with your young golfer.

Competitive Golf

Whether you are playing golf in your local league, your club championship, the US Open qualifier or on a professional tour, completive golf can be really fun, but also very challenging. Our section on competitive golf gives the advanced golfer the insights and tools to succeed at the highest level. Once you have mastered the basics of the golf swing, the game of golf becomes primarily a "head game" Mental golf is one of the terms used to describe golf at this level. It becomes more of a chess match of how well you can position yourself and give yourself chances to make birdies while minimizing your chances of blowing up with a big score.

If you are an advanced golfer looking for the competitive edge and mental toughness needed to succeed in tournament golf, our tips and strategies will help you get there.

Golf Equipment Guide

The latest innovations in golf club and golf ball technology, in easy to understand reviews

Golf Driver Reviews

The driver is arguably the most important club in the bag. The driver is used more in a round than any other club besides the putter, and how you drive the ball sets the tone for the hole you are playing. A good drive can inspire a birdie and a bad drive can doom you to double bogey or worse.

There are a lot of new drivers on the market. The key is to find the right driver for you and your golf swing. We'll help you figure it all out with our unbiased reviews of golf drivers and with our interactive golf driver compatibility quiz.

Golf Iron Reviews

Golf manufacturers have made some serious advances in golf iron technology in recent years. Unfortunately, the jargon can be confusing. We cut through the techno-speak and break down what kind of irons you should be playing based upon your playing ability, size and what your golfing goals are.

Find out if you should be using perimeter weighted game-improvement irons or forged blades; whether your golf irons should have an offset clubhead or whether you would benefit from using a hybrid iron set. It's easy with our golf iron comparability quiz.

Golf Wedge Reviews

How many wedges should you use?

Better golfers often carry 3 or 4 wedges in their bag. That's because they can usually hit long drives that leave them shots under 140 yards to the green. For a good golfer, that means wedge time. THe more accurate these golfers can be with these short shots, the better they will score. Most of them like to hit full shots rather than half and 3/4 shots, so carrying extra wedges helps that situation.

Traditional golf sets only had a pitching wedge and sand wedge. Now there are gap wedges, lob wedges and all of them come in different lofts, sole bounce and even sole grinds. To find out how many wedges you should be carrying in your golf bag, and to see which ones you should use, see our golf wedge review section.

Golf Putter Reviews

Find out how the latest putters fared in our tests

Putting is king in golf

Putting is the most overlooked part of the golf game by most amateurs. Many amateurs and recreational golfer think they are pretty good putters and therefore don't put much thought or effort into improving their putting. But the fact is, on a par 72 course, 36 of the strokes are designed to be putts. Many high handicap golfers take even more putts than that. Good putting will lower your scores faster than any other method. And a good putter is the foundation.

Use our putter guide to find the best kind of putter for you. Once you have it narrowed down, then you can go to your local golf shop and try a few of the ones we recommend out. Putters are very personal, and you need to feel comfortable with your putter to score well in golf.

Golf Ball Reviews

Golf ball technology demystified

If you have ever tried to figure out which golf ball to buy, you know it can be almost a complete mystery. Some say they are long, others say they are soft, some say they are straight, others easier to control. Is there really a difference? Yes, there is.

But most people aren't playing a golf ball that optimally suits their game and budget. Performance balls are expensive and promise the world, but they may not be right for your golf swing or your skill level. Use our golf ball selection guide and quiz to help you figure out the best golf ball for you.

Golf Gifts and Gadgets for everyone

Find the perfect gift for your favorite golfer

Almost everyone knows at least one golfer. The problem is that when the non-golfer is looking to buy a golf gift for the golfer, it can be tricky business. Golfers are a finicky lot, so you don't want to buy just anything. You want it to be useful.

At Golferocity, we are golfers and we can tell you the exact gifts, gadgets, and gizmos that make golfers go nuts. Whether it is an electronic GPS golf distance finder or a simple ball marker golf cap, our guides and reviews will help you become a hero to that special golfer in your life.

Other Useful Golf Sites and Golf Links

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