P2 Deep Cavity Iron Reviews

Gigagolf offers the P2 Deep Cavity Golf Irons as a Ping G10 iron clone

If you are in the market for a new set of game-improvement golf irons but don't want to spend a $1000, you can get brand-new, custom fitted quality golf irons that play just like Ping G10 irons for well under $150 a set.

Gigagolf P2 deep cavity irons - back The P2 Deep Cavity Irons are Gigagolf's new Ping G10 iron clones. These game improvement irons have a deep cavity in the back with toe weighting for extra forgiveness, distance and control. The P2 Deep Cavity is an excellent choice for the mid to high handicap golfer looking for more accuracy and lower scores, but is even used by many low handicappers because of the ease with which the long irons play.

Combine these clubs with your favorite shaft or with the standard premium Feather Flight shaft and this iron is unmatched by Ping for value. In fact, most golfers cannot tell the difference between these clubs and the much more expensive Ping irons.

THe P2 Deep Cavity irons are so easy to hit and fun to play, you will wish you had made the switch sooner. In fact, these irons are so easy to hit that GigaGolf has included an (optional) 2 iron for those players who are comfortable hitting long irons. That is almost unheard of in game-improvement irons these days. However, if still you prefer to mix in some hybrids (my own recommendation), matching hybrids are also available for the 2-6 clubs.

Game Improvement Technology

The P2 Deep Cavity is so named because it utilizes a wide sole and thick topline to create a high degree of perimeter weighting. Pushing weight to the sole and perimeter of the club creates more forgiveness on miss hits. The technical jargon for this is that these irons have a high MOI (Moment of Inertia). All you need to know is that the ball will go straighter and not lose much distance on mis-hits. That's great news for casual, weekend golfers who don't have enough time to practice and groove their swing the way they'd like.

The P2 irons are engineered with extra weight on the toe which helps to square the club at impact. This results in remarkably straight golf shots. This straightening is especially beneficial to those players who have a tendency to fade or slice the ball off the target line.

P2 Irons Materials and Specs

Gigagolf P2 Irons - face viewThe P2 Deep Cavity Irons are made of 17-4 stainless steel with a shot peen blast finish. This softer, brushed iron look was first popularized by Ping and is really nice if you live in a climate with high-intensity sun. The lofts on the P2 irons are fairly standard for game-improvement irons with the 3 iron starting at 21 degrees and the pitching wedge settling in at 46 degrees. The optional 2 iron carries 18 degrees of loft.

Gigagolf offers a gap wedge (50 degrees) between the PW and SW (55 degrees). They also offer a P2 lob wedge coming in at 60 degrees.

The swingweight on all the irons is D0 from the 2 iron through the 9 iron. PW = D1
Gap = D3
SW = D5
The pitching wedge is a D1 while the gap wedge is a D3 and the sand wedges has a D5 swingweight. No information was available for the lob wedge and we didn't get a chance to put it on the machine and check it out (Our suggestion is to skip the matching lob wedge and instead get a specialty forged wedge for your 60 degree club).

The bounce on the P2 irons is quite pronounced, especially in the more lofted clubs. The 9 iron sports 9 degrees of bounce and the PW and gap wedge each have 10 degrees. The SW has 12 degrees, which is great for getting out of the sand, but the other lofted clubs might be a little tricky off of tight lies. That's why we recommend a forged wedge with a scoring or C grind to help you hit off of tight lies.

The P2 Iron Set or Individual Irons

Gigagolf P2 deep cavity irons - toe viewThe P2 Deep Cavity irons can be purchased in a standard 3-PW set. You can then add the extra wedges if you want. But a very nice feature of GigaGolf is that you can also buy individual clubs out of the set. So if you prefer hybrids instead of the 3 and 4 irons, no problem. You can easily mix and match. There are also matching P2 fairway woods and a P2 driver to complete your entire set. The P2 fairway woods are available from 3W through 9W if you prefer lofted woods over long irons or hybrids.

Dispersion Tests with the P2 (Ping G10 Clone) irons

Look, feel and specs are important to note, but the real test of any golf iron set is how it works with different golf swings. Our Golferocity testing is done by real golfers of varying abilities. We measure shot distance and dispersion and then get feedback on feel and workability of the club.

With irons, the dispersion rate is the most important factor. Irons are primarily hit for accuracy, and the shot dispersion is a good indication of how accurate they are with real golfers.

P2 shot dispersion graphicThe P2 Deep Cavity irons had a very tight dispersion. Our test panel consisted of a senior golfer, couple of middle aged men, a young man, and a very talented young lady. Also included was a 70 year-old lady who is a self-described beginner. All players hit 30 balls with a 7 iron. The composite average distance dispersion was +/- 8 yards from their mean distance 90% of the time. The lateral dispersion was +/- 8.75 yards 80% of the time with a nearly 50% dispersion either right or left of the intended target line. The conclusion is that this is a very straight-shooting iron. The only drawback may be for better players who like to work the ball. Most recreational golfers shouldn't be concerned about those things though - just keep it simple and keep it straight!

Personal Views on the P2 Irons

Here are a few comments our testers and others have made concerning the P2 Deep Cavity irons:

"I really like the design and feel of the Ping G10 irons, but could never justify spending that kind of money ... fortunately the P2's are almost indistinguishable for the Ping G10 irons, but only cost $150 a set! "

"When you hit the sweet spot, you can’t even feel the ball hitting the club: it's like a hot knife through butter, and boy, does the ball sail!"

"The P2 irons look great, feel super, and play even better than they look and feel. More value in these irons than anywhere on the planet! "

"I broke 90 the first two times out using these clubs - my first time EVER breaking 90!."

"My neighbor bought some G-10 irons and I really liked them. Since I couldn't afford them, I bought the P2 irons from GigaGolf instead. My neighbor was a little smug about my Ping "knock-off" irons -- that is until I beat him by 8 strokes last time out (we are usually about the same). Needless to say, I'm thrilled with these clubs!"

"Every shot I hit with the P2 irons was going straighter and longer than my old irons"

Customization Features of P2 Deep Cavity Irons

Gigagolf P2 Irons - top viewThe best part about ordering the P2 irons from GigaGolf is that you get to use their easy online E-Fit system and then choose the kind of shafts and grips you get. Gigagolf will then build the clubs to your specifications and ship them to you within a day or two of ordering. You can't go wrong with the standard grips and shafts they offer (they are already quality, premium shafts and grips), but if you want to, you can upgrade to some really top-end shafts and high quality grips. The cool thing is that even if you choose every single upgrade, the irons set would still cost 1/3 the price of brand new Ping G10 irons with standard shafts and grips (no customization).

P2 (Ping G10 Clone) Conclusion

The P2 Deep Cavity Irons from Gigagolf are a serious contender for some of the best game improvement irons you can buy for the money. They don't have the big, brand-name backing, but don't let that fool you. These irons have all the game improvement technology of the more expensive Pin G10 irons. The only difference besides the name is the price. Gigagolf doesn't do expensive TV or magazine advertising and they don't play PGA tour players huge endorsement fees to play their clubs. Instead, they pass the savings on to you. So you get a great, quality set of golf irons that play just like the Ping G10 irons, but cost way less.

Give the P2 Deep Cavity irons a try. If you don't like them, Gigagolf offers a 30 day playability guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose. Most golfers, after reluctantly giving Gigagolf a try, are so impressed they become life-long customers. I'll bet if you give these clubs a try, you'll join their ranks too.

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