GX922 Iron Reviews

Gigagolf offers the new GX922 Golf Irons for 2009

If you are in the market for a new set of golf irons and $800-$1000 seems too steep for you, here's the good news. You can get brand-new, custom fitted quality golf irons that play just like Callaway X-22 irons for well under $200 a set.

Powermax GX922 Irons - bottom The PowerMax GX 922 is Gigagolf's new Callaway X-22 clone for 2009. The Powermax GX922 represents the next generation of cavity-backed irons. This versatile iron combines a forgiving notched cavity back with a sleek profile that allows shot making. The notched cavity provides stability and an increased MOI resulting in longer straighter golf shots even when the ball is struck off center. A moderate sole width and a playable bounce angle do not limit the golfer to a single flight pattern.

The GX922 game improvement irons will grow with your game, allowing you to set up and play iron shots that require a draw or fade as your skill allows and your ball position dictates.

The Powermax GX922 is an excellent choice for the golfer who is looking for an iron that will provide years of use and help lower their handicap. This club can be used successfully by low handicappers all the way up to high handicappers.

GX922 Materials and Specs

Gigagolf GX 922 Irons - face viewThe GX922 is made of 17-4 stainless steel with a traditional, highly-polished chrome finish (If you like a more subtle finish, the GX922z has a brushed finish, along with slightly larger clubface) . The lofts on the GX922 are fairly standard for game-improvement irons with the 3 iron starting at 21 degrees and the pitching wedge settling in at 46 degrees.

Gigagolf offers a gap wedge (51 degrees) between the PW and SW (56 degrees). They also offer a lob wedge coming in at 60 degrees.

The swingweight on all the irons is D1 through the pitching wedge. The gap and lob wedges register a D3, while the sand wedge comes in at a D5. The sand wedge also has 12 degrees of bounce to help you out of the sand, while the other wedges feature 6 degrees of bounce on the sole.

GX922 Iron Set or Individual Irons

The GX922 irons can be purchased in a standard 3-PW set. You can then add the extra wedges if you want. But a very nice feature of GigaGolf is that you can also buy individual clubs out of the set. So if you prefer to ditch the 3 and 4 irons in favor of hybrids (there are matching GX920 hybrids), it's no problem. And if you prefer to play forged player's wedges for scoring purposes, that's no problem, either. You can order the 5-PW and then fill in the rest with whatever you want.

Dispersion Tests with the GX922 irons

Look, feel and specs are nice, but the real test of any golf club is how it actually works. Our golferocity testing is done by real golfers of varying abilities. We measure shot distance and dispersion and then get feedback on feel and workability of the club.

With irons, the dispersion rate is the most important factor. You can always adjust to a set of clubs as to how far you hit them, as long as the distances are consistent. But it is the dispersion factor that lets you know whether or not this particular club is working to improve your accuracy.

GX922 shot dispersion graphicThe GX922 irons had a fairly tight dispersion. Our test panel consisted of a senior golfer using a senior flex graphite shafts, a 35 year-old 8 handicapper with a high swing speed, a 22 year-old beginner who swings hard but lacks consistent accuracy, and our 48 year old scratch golfer with a medium-high swing speed. All players hit 30 balls with a 7 iron. The composite average distance dispersion was +/- 7 yards from their mean distance 90% of the time. The lateral dispersion was +/- 10 yards 80% of the time with a 70% tendency tendency to land left of the target. This is good news for the golfer who always hits it right.

Personal Views on the GX922 Irons

Here are a few comments our testers made concerning the GX922 irons:

"Consistently straighter and at least a club longer than my current irons."

"I've played Ping, Callaway, Mizuno, and Titleist irons in the past. The GX922 irons are as good or better than any of them."

"The feel of the club at impact is incredible for a game-improvement iron"

"I hit every shot nearly flush."

"Lightweight and very easy to swing."

"Even my bad shots turned out pretty good!"

Customization Features of GX922 Irons

The best part about ordering the GX922 irons from GigaGolf is that you get to use their easy online E-Fit system and then choose the kind of shafts and grips you get. Gigagolf will then build the clubs to your specifications and ship them to you within a day or two of ordering.

You can't go wrong with the standard grips and shafts they offer (they are already premium components), but if you want to, you can upgrade to some really serious shafts and high quality grips. The cool thing is that even if you choose every single upgrade, the irons set would still cost 1/3 the price of brand new Callaway X-22s with standard shafts and grips (no customization).

Personally, I prefer the True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts for my irons rather than the standard feather light shafts, but that upgrade only adds about $3 per club.

GX922 Conclusion

The GX922 from Gigagolf are a serious contender for some of the best new irons of 2009. Even though these irons lack the brand name backing, though don't lack any of the features or benefits of the more expensive Callaway irons.

Give the GX922 irons a try. If you don't like them, Gigagolf offers a 30 day playability guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose. As for me and our testers, we decided to keep these clubs in our bag. The technology is fabulous, and the price is hard to beat.

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