Ping Rapture V2 Irons Review

Ping Offers a Stunning Super Game-Improvement Iron Set New for 2009

If you are in the market for a new set of game-improvement golf irons, the new Ping Rapture V2 irons may be the best set currently on the market.

Ping  Rapture V2 irons - back The Ping Rapture irons have been an incredible success story in the super game improvement iron category for a couple years now. For 2009, Ping outdid themselves with the new Rapture V2 irons. Building on the solid foundation of the original Rapture irons, the V2s offer even more forgiveness and feel in a smart looking package.

Variable Thickness Titanium Face Insert for Maximum Launch Velocity

Ping Rapture V2 irons - titanium insertPing perfected the variable thickness face technology (VFT) which increases ball speed for maximum launch velocity at any clubhead speed. This VFT titanium face is machined by a sophisticated computer-aided milling process to fine tune the face for maximum forgiveness and explosion. The titanium face is then plasma-welded to the stainless steel head. This multi-materail clubhead offer the best of each element without having to contend with the drawbacks of each.

Ping Rapture V2 Irons are Engineered to Offer Golfers Maximum Forgiveness

The Ping Rapture V2 irons leverage the multi-metal technology to not only launch the ball longer, but also higher and with more accuracy. Now you can hit those soaring iron approach shots that go high and long and yet land softly on the green. If you are sick of missing greens or facing those monster birdie putts, the Rapture V2 irons will quickly solve that problem.

The Rapture V2 irons have a dense tungsten sole weight which positions the center of gravity low and away from the face. This extreme toe weigthing optimizes the launch angle and provides for a consitently high yet penetrating trajectory. All this innovation is only made possible by the lightweight titanium face insert that allows more weight to be shifted out to the bottom and perimeter areas of the clubface. All this means better iron shots that are much easier to hit.

Rapture V2 Iron's High Launch Angle Allows for Stronger Lofts

Most super game improvement irons are designed to help amatuer golfers get the ball up in the air - a common problem with high handicappers, but something that most recreational golfers can use help with. The Ping Rapture V2s do such a great job of making it easy to hit the ball up in the air with a steep launch angle and a high flying trajectory that the lofts on these irons are stronger than you would find on a standard golf iron set. This means golfers can generate greater distance with each iron without sacrificing control.

Each Rapture V2 iron is constructed with a Custom Tuning Port to stabilize the titanium insert face to help ensure a solid feel and consistency. Extra tungsten weighting on the sole helps position the center of gravity as low as possible low and farther back for higher launching shots.

Ping Rapture V2 Irons Materials and Specs

The Ping Rapture V2 Irons are made of three different metals: the outside perimeter "shell" is made of 17-4 stainless steel. The face is a variable face thickness titanium insert while the toe has a dense tungsten insert for added toe weighting. The finish is the standard brushed iron look sported by most Ping irons. The lofts on the Rapture V2 irons are irons are slightly strong for super game improvement irons with the 3 iron starting at 20 degrees and the pitching wedge settling in at 45 degrees.

Ping offers a gap wedge (50 degrees, which they call a Utility wedge) between the PW and SW (54 degrees). They also offer a lob wedge coming in at 58 degrees. I would have preferred a more consistent 4 degree gap between each club, but the oddity with the Rapture irons is that there is only a 3 degree gap between the 3-4, 4-5, 5-6. 6-7, then there is a 4 degree gap between 7-8 & 8-9, then there is a 5 degree gap between the 9-PW and between the the PW and Utility wedge (UW), then back a to 4 degree gap between UW-SW and SW-LW. I don't know if Ping studied those gaps and have them like that for a reason, but it is the one (an only) aspect of the Ping Rapture irons that I'm not excited about.

The swingweight on all the irons is D0 from the 3 iron through the 9 iron, a pretty standard swingweight for super game improvement irons. The remaining clubs have the following swingweights:

PW = D2
UW = D2
SW = D4
Lob = D6

If you choose graphite shafts for your irons, the weights will be one point lighter than listed.

The bounce on the Rapture V2 irons is quite pronounced, especially in the more lofted clubs, although this is a common feature of super game improvement irons because they tend to have wider soles to make getting the ball up in the air easier. The 9 iron sports 9 degrees of bounce and the PW has 10 degrees and the gap wedge has 11 degree. The SW has 12 degrees, which is great for getting out of the sand, but the lob wedge also has 12 degrees of bounce which might make hitting off of tight lies a little tricky . That's why we recommend a forged wedge with a scoring or C grind to help you hit off of tight lies instead of the matched lob wedge.

Personal Views on the Ping Rapture V2 Irons

Here are a few comments golfer have made concerning the Rapture V2 irons:

"These clubs are have the largest sweet spot of any irons I've ever hit. "

"ball flight is high and straight. "

"It's almost impossible to mis-hit these irons. "

"The Rapture V2 irons are fantastic clubs. "

"The topline is a little thick looking, but not nearly as clunky as hybrid irons. Once you hit them, though, you feel like a player. Awesome."

"Everyone always says, 'swing easy.' These are the first clubs I could actually do that and still have the ball rocket off the face. Great clubs."

Customization Features of Ping Rapture V2 irons

Gigagolf P2 Irons - top viewPing has a long standing reputation of having a very easy customization procedure for proper length and lie. They have a color coding system that helps you figure out the proper length and lie adjustments. The best way to do that is to visit a Ping demo day or go to a Ping fitting center. Then come back and order the proper clubs onlione (that way you'll get the better online discounts that are always available). Ping also has an easy to use online fitting service (you just need to take a few measurements and answer a few questions.) Click here to check out the Ping online fitting service.

Ping Rapture V2 Irons Conclusion

The Ping Rapture V2 Irons are some of the best game improvement irons you can buy. Of course, you'll pay for them too, since the street price on a full set is about $1200 for steel shafts and $1400 for graphite shafts. If you want to add one of the 3 optional wedges (UW, SW, LW) they will cost you an extra $150 each. If that's too steep a price tag, we offer some great cost-saving alternatives to the Ping Rapture irons below. Otherwise, if money is no object, you simply can't go wrong with these clubs. They are long, straight and forgiving. That's a combinaton anyone can appreciate.

Ping Rapture V2 Irons from The Golf Warehouse

Cost Saving Alternatives to the Ping Rapture V2 Irons

Ping Rapture Iron Clones from Gigagolf (about $250 per set)

2008 model Ping Raptures (new) - about $799 per set

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