Junior Golf Set Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Junior Golf Set

You can spend a little on some great "value" golf sets for your youngster, or spring for the name-brand junior sets for the child who shows some real promise. Either way, make sure your kids have the right equipment to make golfing fun.

callaway xj junior golf setIf you have a young golfer in your life, be sure to start them off right with a set of clubs that fits them. Experienced youth golfers who are over 12 and have been playing for a while will be able to play adult clubs that have been properly sized for them. Younger golfers need special golf clubs with lighter heads and shafts. Using the wrong equipment of misfit golf clubs will lead to bad swing habits and can ruin your budding golfer's interest in the game.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Junior Golf Set

There are so many choices when it comes to junior golf sets. But it really comes down to 3 things that will make you decision:

  1. Interest - If your child is interested in the game but hasn't played much, it's hard to spend a lot of money. For the beginners, you can get one of the less expensive sets to see how they do. Since kids are outgrowing golf clubs every 2-3 years during their youth, you can always upgrade on the next set if they show more interest.
  2. Skill level - If your child has a higher than normal level of skill in the game and is aspiring to play competitive junior golf, you will want to get a set that maximizes his/her ability. These sets usually cost a little more than the bargain sets, but are worth it for the serious junior golfer. We've seen junior golfers add 30-50 yards to their drives just by switching to a higher quality junior golf club.
  3. Budget - The brand-name junior sets look very cool but they are also expensive. Unless your child is playing competitive golf, the value-priced junior golf sets will allow your child to have fun without breaking the bank.

Why proper fitting Junior Golf Clubs are so Important

The main thing for young golfers is to have fun. Having their own set of clubs that fit them and their ability will make the game of golf much more fun than if they are playing with clubs that are too long or too heavy. Bad habits developed at a young age tend to be harder to break, so don't create a setback for your young golfer. Proper fitting junior golf clubs will help your child play better golf and have more fun.

Don't Rely Just on the Junior Golf Set Age Level

Most Junior Golf sets will rate their clubs for certain age levels. THis is a good starting point, but be sure to also look at the length of the clubs involved. Most of the junior golf club manufacturers also include a chart that tells what height the clubs are built for. A tall 7 year old may do better with a junior golf club set designed for 9-11 year olds, while a petite 9 year old may play better golf with a junior golf set designed for 6-8 year olds.

Be Smart with Your First Junior Golf Club Set Purchase

If you are buying a first set of junior clubs for your budding golfer, pay attention to the age group and height limits for the clubs, and move up if they are close to that limit. For example, if you have an 8 year-old who is 1 inch away from the height limit of the 6-8 year old junior clubs, It may be wise to buy the junior golf set for 9-11 year olds. That way he will be able to use them for several more years as he grows into them. Use discretion with this, however, because clubs that are too long (more than 1/2 inch) may introduce swing compensations that compromise your child's ability to swing the golf club on the proper plane. Generally, if you child is within 1 inch in height of the rated limit for the clubs, you'll be okay.

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