Junior Golf Clubs for Teens

Gigagolf offers Custom Fitting that works Perfectly for your Growing Teen Golfer

Teen golfers are in a tough spot - too big for the starter junior sets, but usually not ready for adult clubs either. Gigagolf's online EFit system is an easy solution to provide your teenager with affordable custom-fit golf clubs.

Gigagolf P2 deep cavity irons - back The P2 Deep Cavity Irons are a perfect choice for teen golfers. These Ping G10 iron clones are game improvement irons with a deep cavity in the back and generous toe weighting for extra forgiveness, distance and control. The P2 Deep Cavity is an excellent choice for all junior golfers ages 13-17 looking for more accuracy and lower scores, but are also used by some of the top junior golfers in the country because of the ease with which the long irons play.

Combine these clubs with your favorite shaft or with the standard premium Feather Flight shaft and this iron is unmatched by Ping for value. In fact, most golfers cannot tell the difference between these clubs and the much more expensive Ping irons.

Younger golfers who are just making the switch from lighter junior clubs may want to use the graphite shafts as they will produce a much lighter club. As skill increases, the junior golfer with a higher swing speed may want to switch over to steel shafts. Gigagolf has many shafts to choose from, so you will always find a shaft you like.

What about my Teenager's Growing Spurts

Rapid growing cycles are one of the problems that many juniors have. Parents can't afford to buy new clubs twice a year, yet oftentimes teenage golfers are growing 3-6 inches each year.

Gigagolf offers a great solution to the problem. Since Gigagolf clubs are so inexpensive, you may just want to upgrade the entire set every year or two. But if that still seems like too much, you can simply send the clubs back to be re-shafted. While there is a nominal fee for this, it is not nearly as expensive as purchasing an entire new set.

What's great is that the EZFit system requires only two simple measurements (height and wrist to floor) plus a general swing speed question (how far do you hit your driver or 5 iron). With these measurements, Gigagolf is able to adjust the length and lie of all the clubs to perfectly fit your teen golfer and suggest the perfect flex for their swing speed. If you are worried about grow room, you can fudge by an inch or two without any adverse affect, especially if your teen is growing fast.

Gigagolf has several other iron models that will work well for junior golfers in the teenage years, but we feel the P2's are the best overall. You can get a matching P2 Driver, fairway woods and hybrids too.

In all, getting custom fit clubs for your teenage golfer is the best thing you can do to help them play their best golf. Gigagolf offers the best solution we have found as far as quality and price.

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