Used Golf Clubs

Find Great Deals on Quality Used Golf Clubs

Playing your best golf includes having the best equipment for your game. But new golf clubs are really expensive. One cost-saving alternative is to buy used clubs. Although there are some caveats to buying used clubs, there are also some great values out there. With our advice, you can find some great used golf clubs at a great price that will improve your game!

Why would you even consider buying used golf clubs? Once reason: price. Just like the new and used car market, used golf clubs cost significantly less than their new counterparts. Here are three things to watch out for to make your used golf club buying experience a good one.

Buy Certified Preowned Clubs

If you buy used golf clubs from an individual, you can't really be sure whether or not you are getting a good deal. The clubs may look fine, but they may have inferior or mismatched shafts, inconsistent swingweight throughout the set, poor regripping, etc. It can also be difficult to determine the shaft flex unless it is stamped onto the shaft (usually only on drivers) and shaft flex can be one of the most important aspects (see point 3 below). Finally, the shaft length and lie could be optimal for the original owner, but if you don't have the same physical proportions, they may be entirely mismatched for you.

Certified, preowned golf clubs have all of the above specifications verified, brand authenticity is verified, and golf club experts assign a rating based on the wear and tear. You may pay a little bit more for certified clubs, but the peace of mind is worth it, knowing that you are getting a quality used golf club that will perform as advertised. Although these clubs haven't been refurbished, they have been cleaned up and then graded and priced according to their condition.

Pay Attention to Shaft Length when Buying Used Golf Clubs

Most casual golfer are more concerned with how good a used club looks. If it is nice and shiny and free of nicks and dents it must be good, right? Not so fast! Shaft length is actually the most important aspect to pay attention to if you decide to purchase used golf clubs. If clubs are too long or too short, they will not allow you to play your best golf. In fact, misfit club length requires you to make compensations in your swing which leads to inconsistency on the golf course and aches and pains after a round. With used irons and used iron sets, the lie of the club is equally important. Even if you are buying used irons from someone who is your same height, you may require a different lie if your arms are longer or if even you have a different swing style (e.g. upright versus flat). So be sure to get yourself fitted (most golf shops will do this for free) and then use the length (and lie for irons) specs you receive to shop for used golf clubs that will fit you properly.

Shaft Flex is Important When Buying Used Golf Clubs

The next most important aspect you need to be aware of when choosing a used golf club or used golf club set is the flex of the shaft. If you know the kind of shafts you need, make sure the used clubs have those type of shafts. Most advanced golfers know the type of shaft they prefer, but most recreational golfers don't. Here's a simple rule of thumb: If you are a fairly straight hitter but don't get much distance, use regular flex shafts. If you hit it fairly long but sometimes get a little wild, use stiff flex. If you rip it every shot and are quite long but usually wild, use extra-stiff. You can play with any flex, but there are trade-offs. Regular flex is more whippy, so they give you more distance, but are harder to control. Stiffer flexes offer more control, but restrict the distance. The best way to find out is to get your swing speed analyzed. If that's not an option, use the quick rule of thumb above.

Buy Used Golf Clubs with Confidence

Used golf clubs can get you into a set of high-quality name-brand golf clubs at a very attractive price. If you follow the guidelines above before buying your used golf clubs, you will have a great experience. Browse through the used golf clubs we offer on our site to find the perfect used golf club or set. We list only certified used golf clubs on Golferocity, so you can buy with confidence.

One final thought: the condition rating is primarily cosmetic. Used golf clubs with lower ratings have a more worn look. This doesn't necessarily affect performance. The only area you need to be concerned is on the face and grooves of irons or wedges. As long as the hitting area isn't pocked or cupped from wear, the used irons should be fine to use. You may need to sharpen the grooves with an inexpensive groove sharpener. The choice is yours. The more worn the condition, the cheaper you can get them for. Either way, used golf clubs can be a great value.